Fundamental Skill Requirements



The ability to gear up at the surface independantly including two stage bottles properly positioned

A high level of situational awareness in terms of self, team and environment

How to efficiently and comfortably donate gas to an out-of-gas diver in multiple gas-sharing episodes

Comfortably demonstrate two propulsion techniques that would be appropriate in delicate and/or silty environments

The ability to maintain position and control utilizing back-kicks

A safe and responsible team position throughout all NMDE Training and Project Dives

Proficiency in the ability to deploy a SMB

Exceptional buoyancy and trim

Proficiency in underwater communication via hand signals and wetnotes

A thorough understanding of all equipment used during NMDE Training and Project Dives

Mastery of the following open water skills while in trim ± 3 foot depth and within 20 degrees of horizontal:

♦ Mask Clearing

♦ Mask Removal and Replacement

♦ Primary Regulator Removal and Stowage

♦ Necklace Regulator Use

♦ Safety Drill – S-Drill

♦ Valve Management

♦ Deploy Back-Up Mask and Swap for Primary

♦ Deploy Knife and Replace in Sheath

♦ Properly Identify the Difference Between a Regulator Failure vs. Manifold Failure

♦ Swap Stage Regulators, Position Working Regulator and Stow Failed Regulator

DPV Operations