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Project Baseline: Tahoe will endeavor to share with the public the rich environmental, cultural, historical and maritime history that Tahoe enjoys.  Known as the “Jewel of the Sierra”,  Tahoe is designated as an Outstanding National Resource Water, which is a special designation under the Clean Water Act, because of its clarity and water quality.

In 2010, we began a focused effort to document the true condition of the lake by reporting strictly on the conditions personally observed while submerged from the beach down to 500 feet; the Nearshore Zone into the Lakezone. Much has been reported as to the efforts of various agencies trying to protect the lake and in some cases there is truth and in other cases denial. Our goal is to provide baseline information and let the public make the ultimate decision as to the progress or regression of Tahoe’s overall clarity.  Following is our introductory promotional slideshow:

New Millennium is the “Project Manager” for the Global Underwater Explorers environmental initiative, Project Baseline that functions Globally but is headquartered out of High Springs, Florida.  Participating as a Project within this global scheme, NMDE’s focus will be to support in the documentation of Tahoe’s water clarity  and environmental conditions in the Nearshore Zone via the Project Baseline platform.

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The following video produced by Global Underwater Explorer’s was completed specifically for Lake Tahoe and is a “Historical” and “present time”, personal intrepretation, introduction and explanation of Project Baseline: Tahoe; why this initiative is important to NMDE, Lake Tahoe and more specifically,  Northern Nevada and California.

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